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For years, travelers have been drawn to the Sioux Falls in South Dakota to see the famous waterfalls of the Big Sioux River in person.

The most famous destination in the city is within easy reach and no trip to Sioux Falls would be complete without visiting Falls Park. So why is it such a popular destination for planners looking to venture out of the comfort of their own city? As a native of South Dakota who lives in Sioux Falls, I was intrigued to learn more about what is happening in downtown Sioux Falls and why it matters to me.

If you're traveling from Wisconsin to South Dakota or planning a Minnesota-South Dakota road trip, Sioux Falls is the first major city you'll see. The Black Hills are home to many of the state's most popular emerging tourist destinations, making them a popular stopover on your trip to the Great Lakes region of North America. In addition to Waterfall Park, it is also the site of a number of other popular events, including the annual Sioux Fall Festival and the Sioux Spring Festival.

If you're looking for a family vacation that's fun, relaxing or just plain simple, then you should make it to Sioux Falls. Omaha, Fargo, Des Moines and Minneapolis are all within 4 hours drive, making it a great destination for families who want to see a unique city without traveling too far. Experience all that this wonderful city has to offer by booking an overnight stay in one of the many hotels and experiences - for a day or two. When it's time to bypass the beach and enjoy a new vacation destination, check out Sioux Falls South Dakota.

The Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau, where informative maps and brochures are available for download. To plan your Sioux Falls adventure, find accommodation, read the related article "Sioux Falls," visit our Sioux Falls South Dakota travel guide, or even plan a vacation this way.

Please plan to use our Sioux Falls South Dakota Holiday Guide, available in print, online and online. We have sent you a copy of our South Dakota guide, which includes a full-page map of the state's major cities and information about local attractions.

You can also start your trip to South Dakota by flying to Sioux Falls and ending in Rapid City, or you can stay in the city for a night or two before your trip. Alternatively, you can visit the Corn Palace the next day and then drive south on Interstate 90 to Rapid.

While in Sioux Falls, be sure to visit the Children's Museum of South Dakota. You can hike through the city for a day or two before heading to Rapid City and then on to Falls City.

If you want to immerse yourself in culture, Sioux Falls is a great place to visit a variety of museums, theaters and monuments. If you don't like it, you can also visit a zoo and a number of sporting events, such as the South Dakota State Fair. Simply referred to as a mammoth site, this location near the hot springs of South Dakota is literally one of the coolest things. There are also some amazing views, enough to see with your own eyes, as well as great food and entertainment.

Another great downtown option is of course the Sioux Falls Trolley, located right in downtown Sioux Falls. The biggest event and attraction is Falls Park, which is connected to the Sioux Falls Convention Center, but anyone can get in the car and drive it to and from the park. Driving the Dakota State Fair trolleys is easy because the stop sign is located at the intersection of South Dakota Avenue and South Main Street, which is just a few blocks away.

Palisades State Park is another jewel in South Dakota for outdoor adventures, including hiking and cliff diving. The Sioux Falls and surrounding area are a great place to find the perfect way to walk if you want to traverse the paths around the falls. From the beautiful waterfalls to the scenic trails, the Palisade Trail and of course Falls Park, it is a must-see destination for any outdoor adventurer.

The stations of the South Dakota Road Trips are connected by scenic side streets, which is another goal. Interstate 229 runs southwest to the northeast corner of the city, meaning that the vast majority of Sioux Falls is accessible via Interstate. I-90 travels from Mitchell to Rapid City, leaving Wyoming in the west, traveling to Iowa State near Sioux Falls, then north to Sioux City and south to South Dakota. The 29 starts in North Dakota and runs north to south through western South Carolina before heading south to west through Iowa and into Iowa City. Interstate 229 runs southwest from the northwest corner of North Dakota City to the south of Minnesota, so it is meant to be a walkable interstate, but it is only accessible via Interstate 29.

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More About Sioux Falls