Sioux Falls South Dakota Embassy Suites Hotel

O'Reilly Hospitality Management LLC, owner and operator of the Embassy Suites Hilton Jonesboro, announced Tuesday (December 4) that Kraig Pomrenke has been appointed as the new general manager of the hotel. The Seattle Seahawks have agreed a contract extension with general manager John Schneider that will tie him to the franchise until 2027. As General Manager, PomRenke will be responsible for managing all aspects of the hotel operations, including guest service and hotel management, as well as overseeing marketing efforts. Vealey, an 18-year veteran of the JQH, will be "responsible for the operation and management of all hotel facilities, facilities and facilities and maintain a high standard of guest satisfaction," according to a press release.

PomRenke is a graduate of the University of Sioux Falls with a bachelor's degree in business administration and a master's degree in public administration. I see him as a great leader at the Sheraton Sioux, "said O'Reilly Hospitality Management LLC President and CEO John O'Reilly Jr.

Prior to joining Embassy Suites, Pomrenke was interim managing director of Sheraton Sioux Falls Murfreesboro, North Carolina. During his nine years at the Mur Freesborough Hotel, he was honored for his many achievements, including the opening of a new hotel, the first of its kind in the United States. Vealey most recently served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for EmbassySuites Americas, the award-winning Embassy Suites in New York City that are among the top hotels in the country. He has also served as Executive Director and Opening Director for hotels in Washington, D.C. and Atlanta, Georgia, as well as Operations Director for a number of other hotels.

Originally called the basement project, the NAHCC proposed to build a new hotel on the site of the former North Dakota State University campus. In 2015, a competing project with a $1.2 million price tag proved to be the only viable option for building a hotel in Sioux Falls.

The 243-room all-suite hotel will be located on the site of the former North Dakota State University campus next to the Sioux Falls Convention Center. The refurbished meeting room, which includes a full-service restaurant, bar, lounge, fitness center and conference room, will connect the hotel and convention center with a closed walkway and a new entrance at the corner of South Main Street and Main Avenue.

Sheraton Club Rooms offer a common room for guests to enjoy and socialize with, as well as a hot tub and complimentary breakfast available on site. Several dining options are available on site, including a full-service restaurant, bar, lounge, fitness centre and conference room. Guests are appreciated for their access to the hotel's amenities and amenities, including a private pool, spa, gym and pool deck.

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More About Sioux Falls