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The downtown Sioux Falls pastry shop is filled with enticing European-style sweets, elaborate mousse and chocolate creations that fill you with a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era of sweet treats. Chef Michael Haskett serves his signature dishes in the heart of Sioux Falls. If you've eaten in one of his restaurants and wondered what he's up to this fall, we'll share our tips.

If you're not in the mood for dining, Strawbale Winery is a great addition to your culinary checklist for Sioux Falls destinations. This fabulous culinary shop offers stunning cuisine and a classroom, and if you happen to be in Sioux Falls for a longer period of time, check it out.

The SFAHS Community Pet Food Bank is a great resource for Sioux Falls and the surrounding region experiencing economic hardship. Located in the heart of the city, just blocks from the South Dakota State Fairgrounds, the hotel is right next to the University of North Dakota. See other Growler Whirlwind Tours and our list of activities in and around Sioux Falls for more information.

This is a safety net programme that is primarily designed to provide resources to needy pet owners who need food, shelter and veterinary care for their pets.

Feed South Dakota is increasing precautions to ensure the safety of our employees, volunteers and neighbors in need. We feed South Carolina and we are confident that we will continue to fight hunger in South Minnesota and the rest of the United States with the help of communities across the state.

GOED Commissioner Steve Westra said GOED continues to work with CJ Foods and our outstanding educational institutions will provide the resources necessary to ensure their success in South Dakota. Mundt said Swan and CJ had spoken to colleges and universities to determine the need for manpower.

It's understandable that Sioux Falls South Dakota is overlooked, but Mundt said the TIF was created to prepare for any potential industry that might seek a location for Sioux Falls. Swan has a long history of partnerships with other food companies in the region as well as in other states such as Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, South Carolina and Texas. Mundt said one of the advisers for the plant, which is being built in Foundation Park by Sch Swan and CJ Foods, was a consultant who had made several trips to Siouxfalls and other parts of North Carolina, he said. On September 17, Mundts said a tiff had been created to "prepare for potential industries" that may seek sites in Sioux Falls.

Living in the South East, some things are certainly missing in the central expanse of the nation, but not all.

When I was researching for my Sioux Falls expedition, we were surprised to discover this authentic Afghan restaurant on the west side of the city. Big Red's BBQ has a reputation as one of the best BBQ restaurants in the state of South Dakota, so when I went to the restaurant for lunch on Saturday and found that they had closed their doors because of a winter time notice, I wasn't surprised. Here it is played up with the waffles on the menu, try it with the Belgian waffle (8.50 dollars).

The Farmer's Scramble ($10.50) is more focused on potatoes than eggs, but it worked for us, it was covered with a heavy explosion of lemony hollandaise with savory notes like bacon, spinach and tomatoes. This proved to be one of the best parathas I've tried it before with Chicken Paratha ($8.00).

The avocado toast ($9.00) has a good balance between salt and avocado and is roasted so that it can be burned, but not so that it burns.

The steak fajitas ($15.00) are pretty much on track, served with sautéed onions and peppers, and the family-style side dishes we ordered included a side of jalapeno cheese grains and a small bowl of salsa verde. The real hit at our table, however, was the smoked bacon platter resting on a bed of jalapenos, cheese and grills. The St. Louis-cut ribs were too tender and lacked much in terms of taste and texture, but they're still good enough.

Get the chicken and waffle poutine and see if you even need one of the Heath Bar Shakes, and you'll be the opposite of tired after tasting the ribs grilled in homemade blueberry sauce.

I was impressed and tasted the prize - the wine made with red rhubarb and the house - made from caramel corn. The only food - focused on this journey, this one beer managed to brew like any other beer on the list. It was clean, crisp and refreshing without a weakness of character, had a pleasantly creamy texture and expressed its malty side with clarity and restraint.

Speaking of breakfast, I took a trip downtown to try Flyboy Donuts, and boy was I glad I did. Nothing is as good as coffee with donuts, so I took a cup of coffee and a few bites from their delicious breakfast menu. I sampled a huge veggie - stuffed quiche and tender crepe, as well as her co-roasted espresso. The trip to Sioux Falls South Dakota Food and Beverage was a rewarding one, but I'm still in awe of the city's food scene.

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